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cainder ([personal profile] cainder) wrote2009-10-30 10:16 am

Shelter in desperate need - can you help?

A cat shelter that I support is severe financial trouble.  Due to decreasing donations and the bad economy, they've fallen behind in their rent and have received an eviction notice.  If they are not able to pay the back rent and the eviction goes through, the local animal control will seize the kitties (about 100) and euthanize them.

I spoke with the director this morning and she's resolute that she's not going to let that happen, but it's not looking good.

If folks can spare some funds to help them out, I'd be ever so grateful.

Here's the info:

St. Francis Animal Rescue Center
1167 East Main Street
Rock Hill, SC  29730 is their site and they have a PayPal button.

Thank you in advance for any help that folks can give them!

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Want me to pass this on to my friends list as well?

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Oh yes, please! Any and everyone who can help.

Thank you!